CATACUMBAS is a game with Roguelike and Board Game elements. Every turn your character has some Action Points (AP) to use (the number of AP is based on his Speed, equipment and buffs/debuffs). When your turn ends, every enemy move or attack and the game goes on like this. If you attack an enemy, every AP is used: the number of attacks dealt is based on the AP left and on the weapon's weight.

There are 14 classes to choose from. Every class is either a FIGHTER or a SPELLCASTER type. Fighters are stronger and can use fixed Skills but no spells, while Spellcasters can learn new spells (according to their Magic School) and can regenerate a small amount of Mana Points every once in a while. Open the INVENTORY to read full description of any Attribute, Skill or Spell.

You can find consumable items in the dungeon, or you can buy them between floors (Note: the price will grow every floor). If you collect new equipment (Weapons, Armors, etc), you will find and equip it in the ARMORY. You can access the Armory and other facilities between floors.
You can also collect BLACKSMITH PLANS to unlock new equipment. PLANS are shared between every character, so you can buy any unlocked piece of equipment with any character.

Your STOMACH level is an important parameter in the game. Every action consume calories, and you have to find or buy food to survive. Remember that some actions, like digging a tunnel in a wall, can empty your stomach very fast.

LMB: Attack enemy in range, use inventory items, choose a target for a spell
RMB: Dig tunnel, open chests and gates, disarm traps, use stairs, use altars and fountains
WASD: Move
I: Open Inventory
0-9: Use Skills and Spells
SHIFT+Q: Leave Game (lose unsaved progress)

NOTE: You can only have one active character in the dungeon

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Nice roguelike. Simple, but functional visuals and good sound effects. Maybe, it's too harsh to have so little healing potions and no other way to heal your character, but anyway I liked the gameplay. Also, it's a bit strange to mark character with a bright blinking light on a map, I would change that to something with less motion.